10 Signs and Symptoms of Ringworm


As opposed to the common belief that ringworm is a parasite or a worm, it is actually an infection that originates from fungi. It usually impacts the skin and is frequent to affect the scalp as well. Warm conditions and moist surroundings are the perfect breeding grounds for it. This infection is communicable and can also be passed on from animals to humans. Here are the 10 common signs and symptoms of ringworm.

1. Classic Red Ring Rash

When fungus gets in contact with the skin, a typical red and round spot appears. This classic ringworm symptom starts with a scaly notion on the skin, sometimes accompanied by a bump in the affected area.

If not treated immediately, the rashes could progress to a more distinct ring-like shape and may include crusting, flaking, or even blister-like sores. This ring rash is most common to surface on the parts of the body that are usually moist such as armpits and groin. It may also develop an active and circular border that rapidly grows and spread around the infected area.