10 Signs and Symptoms of Measles


Also known as rubeola, measles is a respiratory viral infection that is potentially dangerous and highly contagious. A lot of people would assume that rubeola is the same as German measles, but they are actually two different conditions.

In recent years, measles has become rare in Western Europe and in the United States due to the availability of vaccinations. Nevertheless, measles is said to affect an estimated 20 million children around the world every year. Since it is considered a viral illness, there is no treatment for measles just yet.

Children who have measles are required to get plenty of rest. They must also drink plenty of liquid to prevent dehydration. And since measles is highly contagious, they must stay quarantined. Although measles affects mostly the young, adults who never had the illness from childhood are highly susceptible.

Here are the 10 most common signs and symptoms of measles.