10 Signs and Symptoms of Hernia


As you go through life your body is prone to many health ailments that are quite common such as hernias. Hernias occurs when part of an organ or fatty tissue pushes through a weak spot in the surrounding muscle. Hernias commonly occur in your groin, belly button, or at an incision site. Most hernias are harmless and relatively pain free but in some cases they can be serious and cause discomfort. Hernias are usually easy to diagnose as your doctor can simply feel for the bulge. You may choose to have it surgically removed or leave it if it isn’t bothering you.

If you suspect you may have a hernia here are 10 signs and symptoms to look for.

1. Swelling

Hernias occurring in your groin, umbilical area, or incision site may appear as a swollen spot or lump underneath your skin. This is because when the organ or tissue escapes the muscle wall it becomes very tight almost like an inflated balloon. When you lie down you may notice that the lump disappears. Additionally, you may be able to push the lump back into your body cavity. The hernia and surrounding area may be tender or your skin may feel stretched as well.


Hernia symptoms