10 Signs and Symptoms of Gastritis


Gastritis refers to a variety of conditions that are linked to an inflamed stomach lining. Several factors can trigger this condition such as injuries, excessive use of painkillers, H.pylori infection, and too much consumption of alcohol. In most cases, gastritis is easy to treat. However, this condition can lead to ulcers and increase one’s risk of cancer. Early diagnosis is important to ensure full recovery of the patient. Below are the 10 most common signs and symptoms of gastritis.

1. Abdominal Pain

One of the most commonly reported symptoms of gastritis is abdominal pain. The pain varies from severe to moderate and usually affects the upper central region of the abdomen. Most patients have referred to it as dull, aching pain that can lead to extreme discomfort. Some patients describe the feeling as a sharp and shooting pain that seems to gnaw their insides.

Sometimes, the abdominal pain can be felt just underneath the breastbone and also in the upper left portion of the abdomen. The pain can also radiate towards the back area. In most cases, the pain is sharp and sudden.


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