10 Signs and Symptoms of Adrenal Fatigue


The adrenal gland is one of our body’s key regulators in the endocrine system. Dysfunctions of the adrenal gland system can lead to several difficulties and health problems that can be easy to miss if you are not careful. If you suspect that you are beginning to see the early signs of adrenal deficiency, you should check yourself against the common symptoms of the disorder.

Here are 10 signs and symptoms of adrenal fatigue to look out for:


1. Metabolic Problems

Your metabolism can be affected by adrenal disorder. The adrenal system helps your body to prioritize its energy needs. This is intricately linked to the metabolism of your body. When being exposed to stressors for a long period of time, the body will desensitize itself from the stimulus. This can lead to a slowing down of the body’s metabolism as it begin to struggle to keep up with its energy demands. If you find that you are gaining weight even though there has been no change in your diet, you may be suffering from adrenal problems.