10 Home Remedies for Influenza


Having the flu is no fun for the person infected. You can suffer from various symptoms such as cough, stuffed up nose, and fever. This illness can make you feel terrible. Fortunately, most people recover from flu within 10 days.

If you do visit a doctor, you will get a list of prescriptions to help with your symptoms. However, it is not uncommon for people to recover naturally from flu. In fact, experts believe that, for most people, all you need to combat flu is lots of rest and fluids. If you want to skip the prescriptions and fight the flu naturally, here are 10 home remedies for flu you can try:

1. Drink a lot of fluids

This remedy is no grandmother’s tale. It is an advice which all doctors will not hesitate to give during a consultation. Apart from the list of prescriptions, the doctor will also tell you to drink plenty of water and get plenty of rest.

When you have the flu you need to keep yourself hydrated by drinking a lot of water. This is especially the case if you are vomiting, having diarrhea or having fever. When you suffer from these symptoms, you can get extremely dehydrated. Therefore, drinking fluids will replenish all of the fluids that you have lost. Fruit juices, water, and drinks with electrolytes are highly recommended. Make sure to stay away from any beverages that have caffeine in them as they are a diuretic and you will lose the benefits of drinking the fluid. You will also want to stay away from alcohol.

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