10 Causes of Heart Palpitation


Our heart plays a very important role in our body. It pumps blood all over the body and delivers nutrients and oxygen to our body cells. Therefore, if you suspect that something is wrong with your heart, you should not take the matter lightly.

There may be times that your heartbeat suddenly becomes noticeable. This condition is known as heart palpitations. In most cases, it will stop after a while and your heartbeat will go back to normal. However, if it happens often and is accompanied by chest pains and dizziness, you should seek immediate medical attention. Here are some of the most common causes of heart palpitations.

1. Palpitations Link to Pregnancy, Periods or Menopause

Pregnancy can lead to several hormonal changes in a woman’s body. Morning sickness is one of the most common symptoms of pregnancy. Sometimes, this is accompanied by heart palpitations. Many pregnant women complained of heart palpitations which usually goes away after a while.

Pregnant women who experience palpitations should not have to worry since it will go away on its own and will not affect her health and that of her baby. Another common cause of heart palpitations in women is hormonal changes. This is also nothing to worry about because it will eventually go away.