10 Causes of Nosebleed


Nosebleed is a common health ailment characterized by an obvious presence of blood within the nasal cavity. Most people would have encountered at least one occurrence of nosebleed in their lifetime. Nosebleed can be caused by many different factors such as physical injury, stress, upper respiratory infection, and excessive blowing of the nose.

A nosebleed can be observed more frequently in children aged 2 to 10 years old as well as with people who are over 50. Most of the time, recovering from a nosebleed does not take much time. However, there are cases where recurring nosebleeds are observed. It is important to identify the cause of your nosebleed and ensure that it is not caused by an underlying health condition.

1. Dryness

Everyday weather can contributes to the overall health of our nose. Living in an environment that has a very dry atmosphere or is less humid like in a tropical or desert setting will likely have an impact on your nose and can cause it to bleed.

Nosebleeds that are caused by extremely hot and dry environments are due to the drying up and cracking of your nose’s lining. This particular cause and symptom are mostly observed in people who just recently moved from a location with a much more humid climate to a hot and dry location.


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