Can People with Diabetes Eat Sweet Onions?

Is Sweet Onion Bad for Diabetes?

Sweet onions, or the mild onion varieties, are a seasonal favorite. Unlike common onion like red, yellow and white varieties, sweet onions often have higher percentage of water as well as a lower concentration of chemicals that contain sulfur. The sugar concentration in sweet onions however is not significantly higher compared to the normal onions.

In fact the overall carbohydrates content is slightly lower than common onions. Every 100g of sweet onions contain 8g of carbohydrates of which 5g are sugar. On the other hand, as mentioned, every 100g of common onions 9g of carbohydrates of which 4.2g are sugar.

Therefore, despite its name, sweet onion is not bad for diabetes. People with diabetes can definitely add sweet onions to your diet. Sweet onion like all types of onion provides benefits for diabetes. (…find out more on the next page)


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