10 Signs and Symptoms of Histrionic Personality Disorder


Humans have a natural tendency to appreciate and enjoy the pleasure of getting noticed or receiving attention. We are innately social species who find fulfillment every time we meet with our friends or get validation from other people, which is why being isolated for an extended period of time causes some mental health issues.

One of these issues is known as the histrionic personality disorder. It is described as an excessive need to seek validation from other people. People who suffer from this illness usually do unreasonable and exaggerated things or activities to get noticed. Here are 10 common signs and symptoms of histrionic personality disorder.

1. Exhibitionism

Flashing your talents and skills is a fun and interesting thing to do at times. It may help others discover their own or be inspired by how you make an impression. However, flaunting it or showing off for a different motive such as to be the center of attention is quite alarming.

People who suffer from histrionic personality disorder always crave to be the focus of attention. It may manifest in the clothes they wear, the pattern of their speeches, and their reaction to different situations. In most cases, a person who has histrionic personality disorder will do what they are capable of to steal the public eye from someone else.