10 Signs and Symptoms of Bleeding Stomach Ulcer


Ulcers are sores or open wounds are triggered by various reasons. They are often common in the mouth area. Even though mouth ulcers are often harmless, they can bring pain and discomfort to the patient. However, ulcers that occur in the stomach can lead to more serious problems. It can bring notorious discomfort and will make it difficult for the patient to eat. Here are 10 common signs and symptoms of  a stomach ulcer.

1. Dry Cough

When something is blocking your airways, the body will be forced to push it out quickly and this can lead to coughing. This is your body’s natural way of clearing the airways with those pathogens and all other unwanted substances that are causing the blockage.

The stomach ulcer can cause the contents of the stomach to move towards the airways. When some of these particles will reach the throat, this can bring discomfort to the patient. As a normal response, the affected person will start coughing. Usually, the cough is dry and can make the throat feel ticklish. The dry cough also often happen at night.