10 Signs and Symptoms of Autism


Autism is a condition from childhood that can impede a person’s social interaction and communication skills. The degree of severity will usually vary. Some of those with autism are able to function normally while others may need full-time support and care.

Autism is generally a lifetime condition, although therapies and support can help people with autism to live a better quality of life. The advances in medical knowledge and technology have helped parents and doctors to diagnose autism among toddlers, which makes it possible for therapy to begin at an early age. Here are the 10 most common signs and symptoms of autism.

1. Unresponsive to Others

One of the most common signs of autism at an early age is when the baby seems unresponsive to the people around them. In a normal setting, babies will stare at people and will look to where they have heard a sound or voice. They will also attempt to hold on to a finger is extended towards them.

When the baby is 4-months old or earlier, they will smile when a person is interacting with them. Usually, once a baby begins to learn how to crawl, and even more so when they have already started walking, they will enjoy interacting with other kids in their surroundings. However if a child has autism, he or she will not respond to any of these signs and will rather play on their own.