10 Signs And Symptoms of Anemia You May Not Know

Anemia occurs when there is an iron deficiency in the body. This results in extremely low red blood cell levels. Iron is necessary to make a protein called hemoglobin. This is found in your red blood cells and is responsible for them being able to transport oxygen throughout your body. When your body is low on hemoglobin, your muscles and tissues become unable to function effectively. Anemia can occur in different types, although the most common is iron deficiency anemia.

The symptoms and signs of anemia vary according to how severe the condition is, your age, how fast the anemia developed and the state of your health. These are the ten most common anemia symptoms.

1. Unusual Fatigue

The most common symptom is unusual fatigue. This impacts more than fifty percent of everyone with this condition. This occurs because your body is unable to make hemoglobin. Since less oxygen is reaching your muscles and tissues, they do not have enough energy. To move around your oxygen-rich blood, you heart needs to work harder. This is what results in fatigue. Becoming tired can be a part of living a busy life. For this reason, diagnosing anemia with just this symptom is difficult. In addition to losing energy, you may become cranky, weak or have issues with concentration.