How to Travel Safe When You Have Diabetes?

Just because you have diabetes does not mean you cannot travel. The key to travelling with diabetes is to plan and prepare well. How you should prepare will basically depend on where you plan on going and how long you will be away. Here are some tips on how you can safely travel with diabetes.


Have a Medical Examination before Your Travel

You should visit your doctor and undergo a medical exam several weeks prior to your trip to ensure that your blood sugar level is under control. If it is not, then at least you still have a few weeks to get your blood sugar to a healthy level before you leave.

Learn Important Foreign Phrases

If you are traveling to another country with a language you don’t speak, then it would help to learn some important phrases like “I’ve got diabetes” in the local language. This is very important in case of a diabetic attack.

Bring a Copy of Your Prescription

Make sure that you bring a copy of your prescription so when your medicine is misplaced or gets stolen, you can still purchase more in the country you are visiting.

Bring a Doctor’s Letter

Ask your doctor to write a letter that outlines what needs to be done for your diabetes management. This includes the kind of syringe to use, as well as other insulin delivery devices. The letter should also state any allergies you may have on certain food.


Wear a Medical ID Bracelet

The medical ID bracelet is the best way to identify yourself as someone who has been diagnosed with diabetes. Your doctor should be able to advice you on where you can get one. This also comes in the form of a necklace.

Carry Blood Testing Supplies and Medicines

You should carry blood sugar testing devices, as well as enough medicines to last the entire duration of your trip. In fact, it is best to pack twice as much of your medications and blood testing supplies. Make sure that you keep these with you at all times.

Request for Special Meals

Make sure to email your airline company and hotel to request for special meals catered to those with diabetes. But to be safe, you may wish to carry your own food with you.

Regularly Check your Blood Glucose Level

Check your blood glucose level daily. This way, you can spot any changes immediately. If you are flying, test your blood glucose level when you land.

Travelling with diabetes can be exhausting. But with ample preparation, you should be able to safely enjoy a vacation for as long as you like.

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