Blood Sugar Control Tip – Eat Garlic

A recent study done on the use of garlic for diabetes found that garlic can help in blood sugar control. This especially so for those who are suffering from Type 2 Diabetes. Garlic has also been found to help lower blood sugar level and benefit your metabolic condition.


How Does Garlic Help in Blood Sugar Control?

Garlic contains about 400 chemical compounds and many of these are effective at preventing and treating several health conditions. Particularly, certain compounds found in garlic are said to help raise insulin levels by preventing the inactivation of insulin in the liver. As a result, more insulin will be available for the body to enable better blood sugar control.

Scientists found that consuming moderate amount of garlic supplements can benefit those who have been diagnosed with diabetes. Consuming cooked or raw garlic or its extract not only helps blood sugar control, it can potentially prevent further diabetes complications. In addition, garlic extract can also help in fighting various infections. It also aids in the flow of blood and reduces the bad cholesterol level in your body.

Although studies suggest positive result on the use of garlic in reducing blood sugar levels, it is still important to seek opinions of your doctor before starting any supplements. Consuming too much garlic can also lead to unwanted side effects for some individuals.

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