Vitamin C helps reduce the blood vessels constricting effect of endothelin-1 protein

In the study mentioned, the effects of Vitamin C and exercise on the protein known as endothelin-1, were compared. The said protein has a constricting effect on small blood vessels, and its activity showed a rise in overweight and obese people, due to this issue, small vessels were left more vulnerable to constriction. This condition reduces responsiveness to blood flow demand, while increasing the risk of vascular disease.

How is it related to exercising?
Apparently, exercise can lessen endothelin-1 activity as well, but incorporating it as part of your everyday routine could be challenging. Caitlin Dow, PhD, postdoctoral research fellow at the University of Colorado, Boulder, was the head of a study to find out if Vitamin C supplements, apart from being endowed with the power to enhance vessel function, could also decrease endothelin-1 activity. Data revealed that supplementation of Vitamin C on a daily basis, at a time-release dose of 500 mg, could successfully reduce endothelin-1-mediated vessel constriction, at the same levels as walking.

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