Blood Sugar Control Tip #14 - Glucomannan for Diabetes?

Have you ever heard of Glucomannan? It is said to be able to help with diabetes. Glucomannan is an extract from a native plant in Asia called konjac. It is extremely high in fiber and is water soluble. If you are wondering what soluble fiber is, it is a fiber that has an attraction to water and becomes gel during digestion. One such study that was published in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition, found that after 4 weeks of glucomannan intake, the glucose levels of the patients DID NOT increase and an improvement in cholestrol levels was also observed. Sounds like it is worth a try? There is a downside, as with most supplements, it is not tested for safety and is still largely regulated. Hence, always consult your doctor if you ever want to include supplements in your diabetes diet.

Where can you find Glucomannan? It is sold as supplements and occasionally as a food ingredient. You can definitely find it in food stores specializing in dietary supplements and also online. However, it is still always recommended to purchase supplements in your brick and mortar stores.

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