Blood Sugar Control Tip #15 - Have Bacon often? AVOID NOW

Can we ever remove bacon out of our breakfasts? If you are American, it is going to be one tough task. But for the sake of your health, please do it. Bacon carries an insane amount of saturated fat, which will lead to more problems for people with diabetes. One of such is an bigger risk of developing heart disease. Stroke can also be easily developed if you have too much red meat and processed foods.

Besides bacon, other processed foods such as sausages are also best avoided. The Department of Health has published guidelines that states the maximum amount of red meat that an adult should eat, which amounts to 500g. That is approximately 3 slices of bacon, 3 portions of lamb and 1 small portion of steak. If you still yearn for that meat side in your meals, replace bacon or any kind of red meat with skinless chicken or fish! You can serve up a great meal with them as well.

P.S. Do not worry, you can still have bacon ONCE IN A WHILE!

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