Most Ideal for Breakfast for Diabetes: Big, High-Protein-High-Fat-Low-Carb

In the study, participants were split into two groups with one group following a routine of having a smaller breakfast with higher carbohydrates and the other group following a routine of having a larger breakfast with higher protein and higher fat and lower carbohydrates. After three months, researchers observed a more significant reduction in blood sugar levels and improvement in blood pressure in the latter. The participants who took a larger breakfast comprising of higher protein and higher fat were also able to rely on lesser medications as compared to before.

Why does a larger breakfast with higher protein, higher fat and lower carbohydrate help in blood sugar control?

While you are asleep at night and in a fasting mode, your liver produces glucose. Therefore, most people tend to have a higher blood glucose level in the morning even before breakfast. In addition, insulin resistance is usually higher in the morning which means your body is slower in using your blood sugars for energy.

Therefore, people with type 2 diabetes can benefit from eating a lower carbohydrate breakfast as it prevents further increment in blood sugar levels. Having a low carbohydrate breakfast can also help prevent carbohydrates cravings. It was found that having a breakfast made up of high amount of simple carbohydrates such as pancakes, bagels or cereals causes sudden spikes and drops in blood sugar levels which lead to carbohydrates cravings. A high protein and high fat breakfast is also more likely to keep you full longer and help reduce craving for snacks later in the day.

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