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How Does Alpha Lipoic Acid Help Diabetes?

ALA can affect diabetes in several ways such as:

  • ALA enhances the body’s insulin resistance and glucose uptake in cells. By doing so, it can help to significantly lower blood sugar levels in prediabetics and diabetics.

  • The anti-oxidating effects of ALA helps to protect the retina from Diabetic Rectinopathy, a side effect of diabetes.

  • Sufficient intake of ALA can help delay the onset of diabetic neuropathy. Patients suffering from peripheral neuropathy will see reduction in pain and numbness in the feet and palms.

  • ALA can protect the liver, kidneys and protect against heart related complications.

  • ALA can also effectively prevent another diabetes related condition, Alzheimer’s disease. Other than simply a degenerative disorders of aging, Alzheimer’s is speculated to be caused by extensive oxidative damage within the brain cells caused by free radicals and persistent high blood glucose in the brain. ALA helps to prevent damage caused by free radical and regulate blood glucose in the brain.

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