Should People With Diabetes Eat Cereals?

You must have heard innumerable times that breakfast is the most essential meal of the day. But the most common complaint by busy individuals is that they don’t have the luxury of time to make a wholesome hearty breakfast in the morning.

In most cases, people often turn to cereals and milk for an easy and quick breakfast solution. But is it really good for diabetes? The answer is a "NO" especially for those who have diabetes and are struggling to lose weight.

Why is eating cereals for breakfast is not a good idea for diabetic people?

  • Studies revealed that the most ideal breakfast for people with diabetes is one that is low in carbohydrates, high in protein and high in fat (good fat). A breakfast fulfilling these criterias can provide better blood sugar control in the morning. The good fat and the protein help keep away the hunger pangs thereby controling calories intake for the day. The low carbohydrates help reduce blood sugar spikes. Having said that, cereals is a meal high in carbohydrates, and relatively low in proteins and good fats, a complete opposite from the ideal diabetic breakfast.

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