Blood Sugar Control Tip #3 - Have Your Pasta Al Dente

For the benefit of those who are not familiar with Italian cooking, al dente pasta is pasta cooked just right, not too cooked until it turns soft nor undercooked with a crunch.

If you're a fan of pasta and not willing to give it up, this is one advice you won't want to miss. According to Dr David J. A. Jenkins from University of Toronto, Nutrition and Metabolism Research, pasta or other starches, such as potatoes, releases glucose into your blood at a much faster rate when it is eaten overcooked. Apart from giving you a higer rise in blood sugar level, overcooked pasta also loses more of its nutrients.

Eating your pasta al dente would ensure a slower rise in blood sugar levels. However, do not go overboard with the portions. Keep in mind that 1 cup of pasta equates to the calories and carbs count of 3 slices of bread.

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