Blood Sugar Tip #20 - Oatmeal: Pros and Cons

Oatmeal is known to be good for people with diabetes. But did you know that there are some cons as well? We will analyze this popular food today. Fundamentally, oatment ranks very low in the glycemic index, hence it is great in helping you maintain your blood glucose level.


1. Oatmeal has high fiber and as stated above, low glycemic index.
2. It works great in lowering your cholestrol levels.
3. It is good for reducing the amount of insulin injections you need.
4. it uncannily helps with weight control because having oatmeal makes you feel full longer.
5. It is easy to prepare and convenient to have.


1. You can get bloated if you take too much because of the high fiber content. You can drink more water while you have your oatment to dilute the oatmeal.
2. DO NOT have any unhealthy additions to your oatmeal. Some of them are instant sweeteners, extra sugar or cream. If you need extra taste to your oatmeal, use blueberries or nuts.
3. Never use the instant oatmeals, they are usually packed with ALOT of sugar.

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