Blood Sugar Control Tip #18 - CHEESE In Your Diet

We love cheese. All kinds of cheese. However, is it good for someone with diabetes? The basics of incorporating food to a diabetes diet is to know the gylcemic index of that particular food. As a rule of thumb, if the food has a high glycemic index, your blood sugar will rise after having it. You should always have foods that have a lower glycemic index. Cheese has a low glycemic index and hence it is going to have little impact on your blood sugar value. Cheese is also great to pair up with certain foods with high carbs like bread. By combining cheese with other foods, your meal would be more balanced and hence will help with your blood sugar.

One example is if you have cheese with bread, you will always have a lower glycemic index as compared to when you are only eating the bread. In numbers, a slice of wholemeal bread with cheese would have a GI of 50 whereas the bread alone has a GI of 67. This is according to the International Table oF GI and Load. TIP: Always choose the low-fat cheese and not processed sliced cheese.

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