Blood Sugar Control Tip #10 - Before Starting Any New Supplement, Do Your Research

In recent times, the growing trend of alternative medicine such as homeotherapy has invited studies of medicinal food and how it impacts chronic illnesses such as Diabetes. These researches gave birth to the production of a new type of supplement made from food or plant extracts which are believed to improve diabetes or other illneses. However, the effectiveness of some of these supplements are questionable due to inconsistent results produced by separate studies. For instance, certain study done on bitter gourd, a common Asian vegetable, suggests that its juice improves blood glucose tolerance, however, other studies do not agree.

It is therefore important to do a thorough research on any supplement before you start consuming it. When researching on a supplement, look out for these pointers:

  1. Compare results on the studies done on the supplement.

  2. Check for any side effects and precautions

  3. Check for any incompatibilities with any other type of medications or supplements

  4. Check on the manufacturer and its reliability with United States Pharmacopeia website ( or

  5. Remember that it is always good to consult your doctor before staring on any nutritional supplements

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