Diabetic Medications That May Help Weight Loss


This is a commonly prescribed diabetes medication. Its role is to increase the body’s sensitivity to insulin, control blood sugar and help in the absorption of glucose. In the recent years, experts have been studying the use of metformin in treating obesity. According to some studies, the medicine can help in reducing one’s appetite, thereby reducing food intake and promoting weight loss. In one study, women who took metformin with a low calorie diet have lost almost ten percent of their body weight. Furthermore, most of them were successful in maintaining their weight for up to four years.


In 2005, the Food and Drug Administration approved Byetta for the treatment of diabetes. It is administered through injection and works by helping to metabolize the blood sugar level. In one study, patients who have been administering Byetta, lost about 4 lbs. of their weight. According to some health experts, Byetta helps to minimize the amount of food that the body needs, which leads to weight loss. By reducing the amount of food, blood sugar will be processed more efficiently.