How To Read Food Labels With Diabetes

Consider the Carbs

If your diet is mainly based on carbohydrate counting, then it’s even necessary that you know how to read food labels. When it comes to this, determine the amount of carbohydrates and not just the sugar content. Evaluate the amount of total carbohydrates that will usually include complex carbohydrates, sugar and fiber.

If you’ll cut your sugar consumption, you could miss out on some nutritious foods that are rich in sugar. Among these are milk and fruits. You might also end up overdoing foods that have no natural sugar, but with several carbohydrates like grains and cereals.

Make sure that you don’t miss out on foods that are rich in fiber. Pay close attention on high fiber foods and opt for those with only 3 grams of fiber or less. If a certain food has more than 5g of fiber, deduct half of the total grams of fiber from the overall carbohydrates. Foods that are rich in fiber can also help to reduce the absorption of the more simple carbohydrates. Make sure you put sugar free products on the right place.