Why Do You Have High Triglycerides With Diabetes

Reasons Behind High Triglyceride Levels

There are various reasons behind hypertriglyceridemia. Below are the most common causes of high triglyceride in diabetes patients.

  • Poorly controlled Type 2 diabetes – if your diabetes is not under control, you will likely to have high levels of blood sugar and insulin in your body.
  • Consuming more calories than burning calories – triglycerides are quick energy source in between meals. If you do not use up the calories, your body will store leftover calories as triglycerides.
  • High intake of carbohydrates – if you eat foods that are high in carbohydrates, your digestive system break down the food and extract glucose. The intestines into the bloodstream will then absorb the glucose.
  • Obesity – if you are overweight or obese, you are likely to develop an elevated level of triglyceride. There is a stronger correlation between hypertriglyceridemia and excess waist circumference than with the BMI or body mass index.

diabetes and triglycerides