10 Signs and Symptoms of Strep Throat


Human Contact

As a matter of fact, you may contract the infection by simply greeting a colleague or an acquaintance with a handshake. He or she may have minor symptoms, and they think nothing of it. However, the bacteria lingers on the palms when he or she uses the hands to cover their mouth or wipe their face. Therefore, the handshake enabled the bacteria to move to your hands. You can contract the infection when you touch your face our mouth without washing your hands.

Infection in Children

Infection can spread very easily among children in school or playgroups. This is due to the close contact while playing and the ignorance of symptoms. Kids may not be aware of their own symptoms and illnesses and go on to infect their friends or schoolmates. In fact, it is more common for parents to be infected by their children than the other way round. However, due to a weaker immune system, children are more vulnerable to infections. Symptoms may appear quicker than adults.

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